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REIF Direct Grants Round 2

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Direct Grants Round 2

Merit criteria

REIF Direct Grants will support projects that contribute to the ACT Government’s vision of Canberra as an internationally recognised centre for renewable energy research, innovation and investment.

Proposals will be considered on a value for money basis against the following merit criteria:

  1. The level of innovation, potential demonstration and scalability of new technologies and ventures (30%);
  2. The extent of potential commercial opportunities flowing from the funded activity and the strength of the proponent’s business model (30%);
  3. The capacity of the proponent to deliver the funded activity, deliver the purported benefits and manage risks (20%);
  4. The extent of the proponent’s new financial or in-kind contribution to Canberra’s renewable energy innovation ecosystem (10%); and
  5. The amount of additional public or private funding leveraged, or likely to be leveraged, by the proposal (10%).

How to apply

The proposal must include:

  • a detailed project description and objectives;
  • proposed project timeline;
  • project benefits and expected outcomes;
  • implementation plan, including timing of key milestones and deliverables;
  • the benefits of the funded activities to the ACT renewable energy ecosystem; and
  • details on existing or proposed co-funding arrangements.

Further information

Further information, including the Direct Grants program guidelines, can be found on the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development web page at